Allard’s on the Quay: Breakfast Review

There’s a new restaurant down on the Fish Quay at North Shields, Allard’s on the Quay, a sister of Allard’s Lounge in Tynemouth. The food is delicious in the Tynemouth restaurant, so I was keen to try my new local.

I had a rare Friday off, as I was going away for a meetup with my Uni friends, so Ashley and I decided to visit for breakfast before I left.

If you have been a visitor to the Fish Quay in the past, then you may remember Wight’s shop, which is the building Allard’s is housed in. Wight’s was an institution on the Quay, especially for it’s bacon sandwiches and cheeky chat. It was a sad day when the owner retired and the shop closed, but it is nice to see it getting a new lease of life. I can’t believe the transformation the shop has undergone, now decked out in a green which matches its Tynemouth outlet.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

As you can see, there’s lots of seats outside, which were not much use on a drizzly November day!

The decor inside is lavish, opulent even, and very different for the Fish Quay. I wish I had a picture of how it looked inside in it’s previous life, as I struggled to believe I was in the same building! There’s also a very instagrammable golden skull wall!

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The breakfast menu has a lot of choices, with a page dedicated to ‘Healthy Options’, a build your own breakfast, where each item is £1 (minimum of 4 items), as well as a page of lots of tempting dishes. I especially liked that they paid homage to Wight’s famous bacon butties on the menu.

Allards on the Quay breakfast menu

Allards on the Quay Breakfast Menu

I went for the egg bagel with guacamole and bacon, while Ashley opted for the Breakfast burrito. I think we were both dreaming of New York or American style breakfasts that morning!

We ordered and paid at the bar, however there was a little mix up where they over-charged us by a few pounds. An easy mistake, but considering we only ordered a breakfast each and a flat white, also an easy one to spot in my opinion. I’d also asked to see a copy of the receipt, and while the waitress told me she’d have a look, 5 minutes later she brought over the extra change we were owed in cash, even though we’d paid on card, and still didn’t give us a copy of the receipt. I found this a little unprofessional and without wanting to sound greedy, I think a complimentary coffee to apologize would have been nice way to smooth things over. I do however think these may be teething problems as Allard’s is still very new, and it’s not something that would put me off going back.

Now for the bit you’ve been waiting for… the food!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

My egg bagel looked really appetizing on the plate, Ashley’s burrito not so much. I understand it’s big, and the point of a burrito is that everything is inside, but I had to get him to cut it in half to get a decent picture, otherwise it was a beige rectangle on a plate! Maybe that’s the blogger in me! I was also a little disappointed as I thought the bagel was a ‘thin’ bagel i.e. like the sandwich thins that you might eat while on a diet, and was not what I was after when out for breakfast! However, I ate the whole lot, and on reflection, I maybe couldn’t have cleared my plate if it were a full sized bagel.

The guacamole tasted really fresh, and the bacon was really thick. My fried egg wasn’t runny, but I didn’t get to the yolk till last so it had probably set by then. Ashley generously gave me a bite of his burrito and it was really tasty, and had a good helping of cheese, which is always a winner for me. He was stuffed afterwards, so it’s definitely a man-sized meal.

Overall, apart from the hiccup with the bill, I really enjoyed my breakfast. I would definitely return, and I’m keen to see the lunch and dinner menu. I also think it will get really busy on an evening as a bar, although I’m not sure I’m keen on the idea of eating a meal in amongst weekend drinkers, and it’s something that puts me off the Quay Taphouse along the road which I prefer during the week, as I feel a little uncomfortable when sitting eating with a lot of people standing around.

Have you visited any of the other Allard’s before? Let me know what you think of them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.




How to get tickets for Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival. The Big One. Home of the Pyramid Stage, cows and beautiful sunsets. It dominates the press while it’s on, and seems to some the most elusive club to get into, because tickets are so bloody hard to get! This Sunday, 7th October, tickets for the 2019 festival go on sale.

I’m lucky that I’ve been 4 times, 2013 – 2016, seeing headliners including Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Metallica and Adele. I chose to not go in 2017 after failing to get tickets in the October sale and then booking a holiday to New York instead, but I still shed a few tears at work the June weekend it was on! 2018 was a fallow year, meaning there was no festival, and also means that I’m desperate to return.

T-day, or Ticket Day is a military operation. I treat it like that anyways, and have my rituals and superstitions that I just have to follow. I like to be sitting online on the page ( from about 8:30 to get in the (imaginary) pre-queue. Sounds sad, but I’ve always done it and it’s nearly always worked! I make sure I’ve got a cup of tea or coffee nearby and I flex my F5 refresh finger! I’ve got all of the registrations and postcodes in a word document ready to copy and paste over. I’ve got my bank card ready. I take deep breaths to steady my nerves. I dare to dream of that first sip of West Country cider…

Speaking of registration numbers, you should know that you NEED to be registered to purchase a Glastonbury ticket. This involves uploading a passport style picture which is printed on your ticket. This prevents ticket touting. Unfortunately registration closed on 1st of October, so if you’re reading this and you’re not registered I’d stop here – sorry!

Get the squad prepared in advance. Tickets can be purchased in groups of up to 6, so make sure you know who’s in your group, and that each member has everybody’s registration number and postcode for when the time comes! Can’t afford 6 tickets? Don’t worry, on October T-Day only a deposit of £50 per ticket is required at time of booking, which gives a bit of breathing room and time to save up!

9am ticks over…refresh refresh refresh. You might get that damn holding page if you’re lucky, counting down to a refresh, which FYI you can refresh yourself. If not, you get the white screen of “Pleaseeeeee, just let me in!”.

If the Ticket Gods are shining on you, the elusive enter registration page appears… frantically copy-pasting and typing, terrified of missing a number. Top tip: as touched on above, have each of your festival family’s registrations and postcodes typed out in a word document, ready to copy and paste quickly, even your card details if you’ve got extra jittery fingers!

You wait for payment to go through, and you get a booking reference. You refresh your email inbox until you see the confirmation. You’re going!

Or, a sickening thought that I hope you or I don’t experience on Sunday, but you don’t get anywhere near. The @seetickets Twitter feed keeps gloating, 25% gone, 50% gone, SOLD OUT. How can they be sold out you didn’t even get a chance! You shout out at the injustice of it all. You tell yourself it will probably rain and he a mud fest anyways and try and move on with your life.

Don’t worry, dry your tears, and don’t pack those wellies away just yet. Historically, there is a resale in April, of any returned tickets, i.e. those who haven’t paid off the rest of the balance. It’s definitely possible, as I got there in 2014 through the April resale!

Good Luck! Whichever way it goes for you this Sunday, keep faith and I’ll see you on the farm!

For official ticket sale information and FAQ’s, visit the Glastonbury website

Platform 2, Craft Beer in Tynemouth

There’s a new pub on the Craft Beer Scene, this time at Tynemouth Metro Station, in the former Porter’s Cafe.

I had a little look around on Sunday, which also happened to be their opening day! They went for a low key soft opening, and I’d only heard about it from a Craft Beer Newcastle facebook page I follow.

We had a little mooch around Tynemouth Market (perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday), and popped our heads in for a drink.

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York: Pubs, Food and Sights

Due to buying a home, and new jobs, we didn’t get an abroad holiday this summer, but instead decided to go for a night in York. I’d only been to York on school trips and once with my dad (I fainted in York Dungeon so we’ll not dwell on it!), so I was looking forward to enjoying the sights as an adult (read: sampling the local pubs).

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Glamping at Humble Bee Farm

After a stressful few weeks, with flat buying nonsense and a bump in my car, I was in desperate need of a break away. Due to aforementioned flat buying, I was keen to keep the costs low, so when I spotted a voucher on groupon for 4 nights in a Yurt at Humble Bee Farm for just £169, I jumped at the opportunity.

Humble Bee Farm is a well established glamping site in North Yorkshire, near to Scarborough and Filey. This year they are celebrating their 10th anniversary. We opted to stay in a yurt, because we’ve already stayed in a ‘pod’ before at Gorsebank last year.

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Beginners Furniture Upcycling: Part 1 – Prepping and First Coats of Paint

Those of you who read my January Round-Up will remember that I began volunteering at Re-Styled by St Oswald’s, who upcycle furniture and sell it on for charity. While I’ve obviously always had an interest in upcycling, and handmade things, volunteering at Re-Styled has given me the confidence to give it a go myself! Read about my first upcycling project below, where I’ll give you some beginners tips, and share with you the things I wish I’d done in the process. I’m splitting the process into seperate posts because I’ve worked on this project in sections, partly because of the terrible weather (Hello Beast from the East ruining my flow!) and partly because it takes time, and can be quite a lot to do in one go, especially when you have to let paint dry!

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